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PAS 2.0 - Registering License

A license must be registered on the Registration screen of Photo Album Studio 2 application software.


Shareware License
The shareware license information is sent to you in the registration email when you purchase a license. This information contains License Key, Key Handle and User Name. Enter these information in the respective text box on the registration screen and click Activate Key button. The activation message is displayed for the activated license key and application is started.
You do not need to enter this information again as long as the key is active.

Trial License
Try before you buy (Trial) license can be activated by clicking on the Try Individual Lic., Try Professional Lic. or Try Commercial Lic. button. Before you purchase the shareware license, you can try out the features and options available for various licenses. You must make sure that a particular license is suitable to your needs before you buy a license.
You will need to activate a trial license every time the Photo Album Studio is started.

Freeware License
To activate the freeware license, click on the Freeware Lic. button.
You will need to activate a freeware license every time the Photo Album Studio is started.