Photo Album Studio 1.0 is the basic version of application.
It works on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system.
It comes bundled with Java Photo Album (rm) 1.4 viewer application.
It works without the requirement of a registration key.
It is absolutely FREE.
Java Photo Album (rm) viewer requires IE 4.5 or above.
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Latest Release PAS 1.0.4 (30-Sep-2002)
1. Now, you can select options for Java Photo Album Viewer application on 'Generation'
Now lets you choose default picture display mode
Lets you select the display of the album in the application title area.
2. Java Photo Album 1.4
3. New "What's New?" section in HELP.
Release PAS 1.0.3 (31-Mar-2002)
Compatibility for Netscape 4.75+ browser
Current picture marker in picture index.
Enable/disable of navigational buttons on first and last picture.
More real estate for the Java applet on the HTML page with two new buttons (first album and last album).
Bug fix: "Out of memory" error while Generating the albums with large number of pictures in Win98/ME.
Uninstaller included in the Start->Program->PAS Menu
Release PAS 1.0.2 (23-Feb-2002)
Now with extensive help system and Java Photo Album 1.1
It's all the more easy to use!!
What can I do with this application?

This application is an easy to use tool with graphical user interface (GUI) to organize, manage, view and distribute your digital pictures.
How do I use it?

PhotoAlbumStudio is a project based application. The project contains several albums. Each album has a title and contains a number of pictures. Each picture has a comment or description of the picture. You manage your compilation by adding/removing albums in your project and by adding/removing pictures in your albums. You may edit album title. The albums are displayed as there titles in the viewer application. You may edit picture comment. The comments are displayed along with the pictures in the viewer application. After you are done with your compilation, you generate (publish) your project in a publishing directory.

The content of the published directory is the result you are going to enjoy!!

You may view this content locally from your machine, or you may publish this content on your web site for others to see your albums on the internet, or you may burn this content on a CD-R (you must have CD-R/W drive) and distribute it among your friends and relatives. After you are done publishing, you may save the project for later editing and publishing.

A project has the following structure:
        Album - 1
            Picture - 1 - 1
            Picture - 1 - 2
            Picture - 1 - n
        Album - 2
            Picture - 2 - 1
            Picture - 2 - 2
            Picture - 2 - n
        Album - n
            Picture - n - 1
            Picture - n - 2
            Picture - n - n

Terms: Please report any bug or request to [email protected]. All the efforts will be made to fix the problems promptly. By downloading and using this application you agree to these terms of use and any other terms of use of the software from this site.